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Vision & Mission

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School Counseling Program Mission
The mission of the Roosevelt Elementary school counseling program is to provide students with equitable and equal access to a data-driven school counseling program that addresses the needs and interests of all students. The school counselor will provide students with a positive school climate that cultivates acceptance, empathy, and perseverance through school wide activities, classroom instruction, small group, and individual counseling. In partnership with other educators, parents and guardians, and the community, the school counselor will advocate for a school environment that will address the academic, social-emotional, and college and career development of all students in order to promote success and lifelong empowerment.
School Counseling Program Vision
The vision of the Roosevelt Elementary school counseling program is that all students will reach their maximum potential to become lifelong learners by achieving academic success, social-emotional growth, and becoming college and career ready in order to make a positive contribution to their communities. Students will be empowered by their self-worth, show empathy and compassion, and remain resilient in an ever-changing world.
School Counseling Program Belief Statements
As a school counselor at Roosevelt Elementary, I believe...
  • All students are unique and can reach their full social/emotional, college/career, and academic potential.
  • All students should have equitable and equal access to a 21st century education including a data-driven comprehensive school counseling program.
  • School counselors are advocates for all students.
  • Every student has the right to be heard and treated with respect.
  • School counselors collaborate with families, stakeholders, and community resources to meet the needs of the student.
  • School counselors work as advocates to remove barriers to learning.
  • A comprehensive school counseling program will be planned, implemented, evaluated, and refined based on school-wide data and a result-based evaluation system.
  • Roosevelt school counselors adhere to the American School Counselor Association ethical standards.